Country Inn & Suites by Carlson Asheville
845 Brevard Rd
Asheville, NC 28806-2205

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In August 2011 we checked in and after just seeing a a report on TV about bedbugs a few days prior we checked the mattress for bedbugs-after drudging all of our luggage to the room. Sure enough we found one casing immediately. We even looked it up on our laptop just to make sure we were correct. It was definitely a bedbug's. we notified the front desk clerk and while she was v ery polite, she dismissed it and denied it being a bedbug. She offered us to switch rooms if we wanted to but frankl

y seemed uninterested in the whole matter.
Lesson learned: check room before lugging your belongings to it. Saves time and a backache from having to lug it to another room!

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On October 17, 2011 we checked into the Country Inn and Suites on Brevard Rd. in Asheville. After getting our room cards, we went to the room and checked the mattress. We quickly found two bed bugs and took one (still living) to the desk. The male desk attendant denied it was a bed bug, insisting that "bugs" are common in the mountains. We had a lighted magnifying glass and checked the bugs with pictures online, so we knew we had definitely found bed bugs. Though we knew it was a bed bug, w

e didn't continue to argue and simply said we wanted a bed with no bugs of any kind. After a great deal of grumbling about our having pulled back the sheets, the man allowed the woman attendant to give us another room. We quickly discovered bugs on that mattress as well. We returned with them to the desk and said we could not stay at the hotel, having found bugs in two rooms. The woman agreed to remove any charges, but she said she could not help us find a room at any other hotel. We left and checked into a hotel in another town.

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