Super 8 Great Falls
1214 13th St S
Great Falls, MT 59405

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October 2, 2009
Rooms 216, 208 and 321

Group of four women - came to Great Falls for some weekend shopping. Would be satisfied with clean rooms. This hotel had no clean rooms and the desk staff were rude and belligerent.
The sequence of events from what I can remember:
1. checked in with the woman at the front desk on Friday, October 2, 2009 and was issued Room 216
2. went up to Room 216 and could not get the door open, no matter how much "jiggling" we did
3. went back to the desk and w

as advised by the front desk woman that we had to "jiggle" the key cards
4. we were issued Room 208 by the manager/supervisor
5. upon entering Room 208, we found:
a) short dark hair in tub
b) hair on one of the pillows on the bed
c) carpet not vacuumed as there was evidence of trash under the bed skirts - grape stems and a candy wrapper
d) walls had suspicious and gross looking stains
6. went back to the desk and was issued Room 321
7. Manager/supervisor accompanied us to Room 321 and stayed in the room while we investigated
8. upon entering Room 321, we found:
a) short dark hair in tub
b) hair on one of the pillows on the bed
c) carpet not vacuumed
d) numerous dead flies on window sill
e) broken lock for window
f) two drawers had pillows in them - one of the pillows had a dead bug in the middle, dead bugs in the bottom corner of the same pillow
9. was advised by the Manager/supervisor that we could not get a refund despite being in the hotel for less than 30 minutes. Manager/supervisor mentioned that some rooms were being renovated. When pressed to see a renovated room, he admitted that he did not know which rooms were going to be renovated and that renovations would be starting that same day.
10. Manager/supervisor advised us to call the customer service number on the check in sheet. He also told us to tell the customer service representative that he would be at the desk if they wished to speak with him.
11. customer service representative said that they could not reach the Manager/supervisor as he was not at the desk - took a picture of the Manager/supervisor smoking with two other people in the parking lot from Room 321

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