Super 8 Dillon Mt
550 N Montana St
Dillon, MT 59725-3315

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Same thing a week later June 10, 2010 they put me and my wife in room 206 guess what I was eaten alive and they did not care at all. I contacted Super 8 corperate and they really cxould care less. They gave me my money back for the night of hell but would not do anything else. They gave me the owners contact number and guess what it was dis-connected. Now to top this off the Dillon news paper and the Dillon Chamber of Commerce will not even return my calls. And the manager at the hotel said they

moved one lady to another hotel in that town that had the bed bugs. Do not stay in Dillon as they can care less. Yes I now know about bed bugs and how Dillon Super 8 will do nothing about them.. The owner is a forigner and he thinks they are no big deal.. Hey this is AMERICA we care about people! I did take personal pictures of myself and can tell you it is gross.

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I was traveling up through MT and stopped in Dillon June 4, 2010. The young fellow at the front desk gave me room 205. About 11:30 pm I woke up feeling an itching on my leg. Having experienced bed bugs before, I knew what to look for. I leaped up, lifted my pillow, and found the first culprit. I killed it, put it in a paper cup, and lifted the mattress and sheets, finding 3 more. I hurried down to the front desk with my bug carcasses. The young woman at the front desk called the boss who

was upset, telling her that nobody should have been assigned to room 205 since they apparently already knew it was infested! The boss then spoke to me on the phone, apologizing profusely, and moved me to Master suite 104, where I found no bed bugs and enjoyed a night of sleep. I was also not charged for a room that night. Although the experience was unpleasant the hotel staff was great and apologized many times for the inconvenience. They reported that the entire hotel was to be fumigated. It occurs to me that hotels must have an awful time with this problem, because its not their fault that people have brought the bugs to them in the first place! Gratefully I only received 4 bites on arms and legs. I've had much worse. I suspect it was a light infestation.

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