Super 8 Motel Bozeman
800 Wheat Dr
Bozeman, MT 59715-2560

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I stayed at the Super 8 Bozeman on the first weekend of August 2011 for 2 nights. I had to leave the hotel on the first morning already because my bed was full of bedbugs, which I smashed on the linnen at 4 a.m. at night in order to have a proof. No chance to go back to sleep. Pack up and leave as soon as possible. The white linnen turned red with hundreds of bugs. Some are super tiny, others are full blood and 30 times as big. They disappear into the bed frame and carpet with light, get out at

night and are attracted by your CO² breathing and your body temperature. They bite every 5 to 10 days, when they need new blood. They travelled with me in my luggage and I had to spend 600 USD to get my own bed at home bug-free in two Rentokil treatments!!

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