Rodeway Inn Vicksburg
2 Pemberton Pl
Vicksburg, MS 99999

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We stayed in room 115 in late December 2012 for 2 nights. My husband is highly allergic to bed bugs. Unfortunately we learned this from experience due to a past infestation in our apartment (we live in NYC). He woke up with a number of bites after the first night. We weren't sure if he got them at the Rodeway Inn or the place we stayed the night before, so after inspecting the bed and finding nothing we crawled in for a second night. At 2:30 am my husband turned on the light (to apply more hydro

cortisone to existing bites) and we found 4 bed bugs on the bed in just a few minutes. We left then and there. The desk clerk didn't seem overly surprised to hear there were bed bugs; I gave him the ones we found as evidence in a ziplock bag.

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My husband, sister-in-law, and I stayed overnight at the Rodeway Inn in Vicksburg, MS, August 18, 2012. We didn't see any, at the time, but we all got bites that showed up later, of course. We counted back the days, and the bites all appeared overnight, then none appeared after that, so we were able to figure out it must have been at the Rodeway Inn, the timing being right and because that's the only place we only stayed one night. We went there because it was cheap, and I did check the bed b

ug registry first, but there were at that time, no reports of bed bugs at this motel, so I thought it would be okay. I thought the rooms we occupied were 217 and 212 but they were on the ground floor so maybe it was 117 and 112.

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