Super 8 Richland Jackson Area
1158 Highway 49 S
Richland, MS 39218-9446

Found 3 reports:

my husband drives for a living and goes on a regular basis and every room has bed bugs bites on his legs on wed 1-6-2016 and went again to stay in a different room on 1-8-16 came home again with signs of bed bugs thank god he didn't bring them home. don't suggest staying in this hotel and I will post every time

Stayed at this hotel August 8th, 2015. not sure what room but if one room has them than others will as well. on our way to Florida, stayed a week and returned home. 2 days after we got home,small red bites in clusters of lines began to rise on my wifes and my skin. Mostly on our arms and elbows. This was a first for us and I pity the people who stay in that hotel!

Room 217. Stayed a week. Noticed a couple bugs crawling as I was in bed, and didn't comprehend at the time. Upon returning home, I broke out in literally hundreds of bites everywhere. Upon further searching, I've found pictures of what I saw -- they were bed bugs.

This hotel is used a LOT by trucking companies -- Total, Yellow and KLLM all house drivers there. This provides a fantastic opportunity for them to spread around the country.

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