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My kids went and stayed at this location from September 30 thru October 2 with their father. They just came home with bites all over them. Their stepsister and stepmother were also attacked. Their Dad reported it to the front office where yet again they refused to acknowledge a problem. I read on here after they came inside that there was a problem with management regarding this and yet again they are not willing to accept it. I have taken all their things onto the porch until I wash it in hot w

ater and have made my children take 2 baths in water as hot as they can stand it followed by a shower. I called the hotel to let them know that if these efforts do not work and I still get them in my home they will be receiving a bill. They stated that they have never had bedbugs...

Lets hope my efforts work! This has got to be the most disgusting creature to possibly come into contact with because of their stealthy multiplying ways!

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It was about 1 year ago. Checked into the hotel never even heard of bed bugs for real. Hotel was very nice. Newly renovated. Excellent value for the money.

Woke up at 1am iching. Went to use the restroom and when I got back I notice a bug on the pilliow. Killed it and pulled back the sheets where about 2 more were waiting for me.

Looked all around the headboard and found about 14-20 more ranging all sizes.

Immediatley I freaked got all my thing and headed into the rest room. I to

ok the ice bag and capture one and then tied the bag off.

Got out the laptop and got my education on bedbugs. Sure enough the bugs i was looking at in the bag were also on the wall.

I gathered my things and headed to the office. checked out requesting a refund. The person asked why and i gave him the sample in the bag. Asked for the manger to call me.

The next day by 4pm when I had not heard from the manager Sonny! I called him. Mind you i have paid for two rooms at this point. Demanding a refund. He said he would speak to the owner and call me back. 2 more days go by and no word from this man. I called back and he said there was no way he would refund the nights stay. Best would be a 10% credit.

Told him i would never forget the night I stayed in his hotel and I called my credit card company and disputed the charge. They credited me and that was the end of the that.

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