Ramada Inn St Joseph
4016 Frederick Ave
St Joseph, MO 64506-3157

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2/09/2015 We had a birthday party there. The next day we seen a bed bug and reported It to the front desk they acted like it do big deal and have us a full refund.

Checked into the hotel on the 31, stayed for only a night. The hotel was in a bad state, water leakage, strange smells, mold and interior damage. We were slightly concerned but the room itself didn't really smell or look too terrible. But two of our party ended up getting bites, and all of us are washing our stuff and making sure we get any potential infestation under control. DO NOT GO HERE! They have a sketchy water park inside the hotel which probably contributes towards the smell/mold/poten

tial disease.


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We had suspicions of bed bugs when we first arrived. Two of the people in the room were bit several times. I was not but am checking myself and getting treatment as a precaution. DO NOT STAY HERE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT. Bed bugs were not only issue. There was mold in every hallway, the ceilings and floors had extensive water damage to the point where the ceiling might collapse, and the ceiling also leaked water. The smell was horrible outside of the room. I would not stay here again.

We stayed at this hotel on 8/9/13. My husband and i stayed in one room and our grown children in the next room. Our son complained of feeling bitten through the night and when we checked the beds one had several bugs and blood stains where he was bit. Management was very apologetic and compted the room with promise to clean it thoroughly. We did not find any signs of bugs in our room which was next door.

my family and another had plans to spend the weekend of March 8-10 at Monkey Cove Ramada inn in St. Joseph MO,plans changed real fast after finding bed bugs 2 hours after arriving. i got my money back and put up in another hotel but was hoping for compensation on a free weekend package at another Ramada location since the trip was for the 5 kids we took, they were very upset.when my friend called which is a pest control owner and operater< to try getn compensation, they said sorry we can not com

pensate anything. so next step im callin the corp office.

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