Sleep Inn and Suites St Charles
150 Fountain Lakes Blvd
St Charles, MO 63301-4346

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Found bed bugs in our bed around 11 pm. Reported to front desk they put us in different room. Having FITS!!! How do I prevent them from getting into our home???

Date of incident: 07-31-2013. So I was going out for my birthday and a friend who lives far away wants to come party and tells me he is getting a hotel. He then offers to pay for a hotel room for me for my birthday so we can have a good time and not worry about driving drunk. I agree, so we book two rooms at the sleep inn. I ended up going out and having a blast. I fell asleep around two a.m. with my girlfriend in room a room on the third floor. It was a smokin room with a king size bed, and not

very nice of a room for the hundred dollars a night with taxes. Anyway, I slept in untill about 8:30 am the next morning. However my girlfriend woke up around 7 and noticed a large bug crawling across the bed shortly after waking. She took a picture of it, then killed it and it left a red streak on the sheet. After I woke, we were fooling around and she stopped in the middle and killed another bug. Well we weren't in the mood anymore, so we proceeded to get ip and go downstaors for breakfast. Before leaving, we looked at the sheets and there was about 3 blood streaks in different places on them. After googling bed bug images, im 100percent convinced they were bed bugs. Im not sure if we were attacked by the bugs because I was drunk n wrestling around the night before and had a few scrapes from either wrestling and/or the bed bugs.

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