Super 8
115 N Stewart Rd
Liberty, MO 64068-1052

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We were traveling for a family reunion and stopped at this establishment July 12,2014. I felt like a bug was crawling on me but thought it was just a hair as I was going to sleep. A few days later I break out in bug bites all over my right arm, some on my left arm, and some on my left ankle and foot. Low and behold I come to find out there have been previous issues with bed bugs at this facility. My son also had been bitten. I am calling to request a refund to pay for Dr. Bills since my reaction

is so severe. I am going to the Dr in the morning for a diagnosis. I look like I have a skin disease on my arm. I am also calling an exterminator to ask questions because I don't want then in my house. Never stay at this place!!

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We stayed at this hotel just after the Fourth of July, 2013. Didn't notice at the time we stayed there that there we bedbugs in the room. Three months later we have spent close to $2,000 so far trying to eradicate them from our house. Our exterminator has said our infestation is only a few months old, this is the only hotel we could have gotten them from. I am really pissed off after spotting this hotel on here, cause now I'm positive were our infestation came from. I never imagined I would

ever get bedbugs, I've always trusted hotels I've stayed at. This experience will forever change me, from now on I'm checking every piece of furniture in every room I check into!

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Date was Friday, May 18 2007. I was with my mother and my 2 kids (10 & 2 at the time).
We got to the hotel around 11:00pm at night. We had a convention to attend the next morning so we just planned on spending one night and leaving early in the morning. We got into the room and I remember it smelling extremely strongly of bleach, but I discounted it thinking maybe it was freshly cleaned. We all got changed and laid down in bed. We were all about to drift off to sleep when my 10 year old said s

he had a red bug crawling on her. I got up and pulled the sheets up. There were a good 8 in sight at that point on the top of the mattress. I checked down in the crevase between the headboard and the mattrress and there were dozens. It was completely disgusting. my mom got out of her bed as well and they were covering her mattress as well. When I went down to address it with the man at the front desk, it was about 1:00am. He did not seem suprised at all, and in fact mentioned that they had tried nearly everything to get rid of them but nothing would kill them. Everything in town was sold out so we had to just get on the highway and start driving back towards KC to find an available room at 2am. It was a disaster. Not to mention that my skin crawled for weeks after that. It was probably the grossest experience of my life. Thank goodness we did not slip off to sleep before realizing what was licing there in the room.

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