Super 8 Kirksville
1101 Country Club Dr
Kirksville, MO 63501-5355

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November 21st-24th

First off the staff at the hotel was actually quite pleasant and helpful, and for the price per night I expected outdated rooms and cosmetic flaws. What I did NOT expect was a room with bed bugs and to wake up with bites on my hands and legs. I stayed 3 nights and each night except the last was asleep shortly after returning to the room. The last night however I got back to the room early and stayed awake to watch a Mizzou football game, that is when the horror unfolded. I

saw 10 plus bed bugs on the beds and/or walls before I went to sleep, by that time in the stay I knew that all of my bags and cloths could be harboring the bugs so I stayed and tried to sleep until checkout Sunday morning. Upon waking at 4am (couldn't sleep because I was freaking out) I killed a big fat bloody one with a Kleenex that was on the wall above where my head had been and took it down to the attendant on duty Sunday morning. I got the "you should talk to the manager that will be back Monday". When I got home all of my belongings had to go in the freezer (lucky enough I own a huge deep freeze) to prevent my own home from becoming infested. The staff was friendly and the price was good but nothing makes up for the fact that they are renting bed bug infested rooms to unsuspecting people. I've become paranoid that every time my skin itches that I have a bed bug on me. Disgusting!!!!!!

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Checked into the hotel on July 26th and woke up early in the morning around 3 AM to find a small oval brownish bug crawling on the bed toward my head no bigger than a quarter of an inch. I flicked it off the bed thinking it was a small roach and moved to the other bed in the room. I did not think much of it until someone mentioned possible bed bugs. Looking on this site, it seems as if there were previous incidents. I checked out that day to another hotel who also said there was a previous h

istory of bed bug infestation a few months earlier. The hotel otherwise is very accommodating and even cancelled a non-refundable check in I have in a few months.

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We stayed at this hotel one night in March 2013. Our room was on the third floor. The next day, I noticed a total of eighteen bites, in the telltale pattern of three bites that bedbugs are known to favor. When we got in touch with the manager, she was very nice, but insisted they'd had a pest inspector out and found nothing. Clearly, from the other reports, we aren't the only people who had a problem at this hotel.

I was visiting my daughter at got a room at this hotel the night of April 26,2013. I have heard about bedbugs and should have looked up further information about traveling. I woke up about 5:30 with a bug crawling on me. My immediate instinct was to kill the bug. We checked the bed closely and found "blood spots" and then another live bug. (We but the bug in a cup and turned it into the office.). I surfed the net and found pictures / descriptions. It sure looks like bedbugs. We checked out

by 7:00.

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me and my business partner frequent Kirksville MO. I noticed some bumps after our stay on the 16th of april, but didn't think much of it. Apparently my business partner had some bumps as well. The next week, the 23 of April, he asked if I had any bumps after our last stay. It was then we realized the only possible connection was this hotel. After our stay on the 23, I can say it will be our last at this location. We both got more bites and found a bed bug when we woke up the following morni


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