Super 8 Kansas City/KCI Airport
6900 Nw 83rd Ter
Kansas City, MO 64152-2043

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We stayed at this Super 8 on Saturday night, May 31, 2014, during a cross-country trip from the east to the west coast. The next day my wife noticed three bites on her torso that fit the description of bed bug bites. Needless to say, when we arrived on the west coast, we steam cleaned everything, washed all our clothing, and gave the dog a bath with a mixture of cedar oil and dog flea control shampoo. We have had no repeat but thought we should report this.

This is copied from - and is a credible report of bedbugs: "This hotel was absolutely disgusting....avoid at all costs! You would be better off sleeping in your car. They hotel honestly didn't look that bad at first, so we came in threw our stuff down and left for dinner. It wasn't until midnight that I finally sat down to go to bed, and it did not take long for them to come out. They were way bigger than I imagined and I wonder if it was because they went undetected in this ho

tel for so long and have had the chance to munch of numerous people. I found 2 crawling on the top sheet of my bed, then decided to check behind the head board because I heard that is where they like to hide. Well behind my headboard were 3 more, and behind the headboard of the other bed there was like 4. Needless to stay we got out of that room asap! Since it was so late we merely changed rooms not hotels. But I will say that the next day they Indian management, that lives there in the hotel, who are also the cleaning staff did not much about the situation. I saw them strip the sheets from the bed and that's it. So if you do stay there stay clear of room 116!

Stayed January 2012, traveled on business"

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