La Quinta Inn & Suites Kansas City North
2214 Taney St
Kansas City, MO 64116-3224

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My husband and I stayed on the 3rd floor of this hotel checking in on the 16th and out on the 18th of May 2014 now, with in the week since our stay we have had many bed bug bites show up. Such a disappointment! We are both so itchy from it! There is no where else we could have caught it. It was a seemingly clean hotel and we enjoyed the stay, but we hate what tagged along with us when we left.

Stay: 03/04/2014-03/06/2014

We traveled to KC for two concerts over a two day period. The hotel seemed to be older and it had that "older" feel to it, but it seemed very clean. We had no issues during our stay.

Within days (I don't remember exactly since I didn't think anything of it) of coming back home, while laying on the bed one evening, I saw what I thought was a tick on our comforter. (Our dog has a blanket at the foot of our bed and she sleeps there every night. I've only once had t

o pull a tick off her when she was a baby and I've never been exposed to bed bugs before.) It didn't make sense, but I brushed it off.

Over the coming weeks, I started noticing red, bite-like spots on me. I have very sensitive skin, a ton of allergies and asthma, so I thought it was just yet another attack. Our dog doesn't have fleas, so I knew that couldn't be it. One day I noticed two spots, side by side, on my knee, and there was a tiny (what looked like a) bite mark in the middle. Over the next few weeks, there were more and more of these bites all over my arms, ankles, wrists, finger, forehead, etc. They itch so bad and look awful. (I'm super clean, a little OCD about it - shower every day, won't even sit on the bed in clothes worn outside, wash bedding often, etc.) I kept washing my bedding and looking over the bed, but didn't see anything. I spent about 6 hours last night reading about bed bugs and scabies, and decided that maybe I have scabies (some of the bites are in a pattern - which I later found out was a "breakfast, lunch and dinner" bed bug pattern). Today, I decided to strip and wash my entire bed, down to the mattress heating pad and mattress pad underneath it, and to my disappointment - I found one grown and one baby bed bug. The grown one looked exactly like the "tick" I killed almost 2 months earlier. There is no telling how many more are there. I'm devastated. Psychologically, this is about the worst thing that I imagine happening in anyone's household.

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