Super 8 Eureka Six Flags Nearby
1733 W 5th St
Eureka, MO 63025-1005

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Look under Google maps you'll see my photo's.

Got an room for the weekend next door to Six Flags St Louis at the Super 8 in Eureka 1st week of October 2020.

Best place to stay near by is Pear Tree or more decent hotel near by In Fenton Missouri dont ever stay here you been warn

Would 100% stay away from this Super 8 next door to Six Flags.

Don't honesty get how people I know & don't know enjoy staying here>if you enjoy dead bugs on the floor & not so clean rooms after you return from

a day of fun then this is the place for you.

1>looks really old & out of date.

2>rude maintenance creepy guy saying theirs an no photo policy of taking photo of the motel.

3>Sort of smells funny every time walk into hotel.

4>Room is OK not too bad.

5>As I returned from the park found dead bugs on the floor never notice til Saturday night October 3rd 2020.

6>Saturday after returned from the park also looked like it's been slept in.

7>maintenance staff are rude.

8>they also got some kid & puppy running the motel late at night & everybody else making all sorts of noice most of night.

8>also the maintenance staff all watched me as I checked in & when I upon request late check out.

I just won't stay here ever again & hope for the best of you all.

see full report...

Room 115, July 8, 2011 woke up with several bites on legs and arms. Thought they were mosquito bites, but had lots. My son had bites on his face, and daughter had bites on her legs and arms also. Now, it is 2 days later and bites are not any better. They are very itchy. Never saw bugs...just bites.

Room 214, Friday 9/5/08 & Saturday 9/6/08. The bites (about 50-60) are now at their worst two days later. Never saw any bugs. Just the bites.

No nearby bug reports