Quality Inn Columbia
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Columbia, MO 65202-1521

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January 9, 2013 stayed at the Quality Inn and next morning, Jan 10 discovered bites. Friend staying with me has experience with bedbugs and was suspicious and within an hour several bits in threes appeared on hands. Went to front desk to obtain plastic bags for our belongings so we wouldn't contaminate the rest of our gear and so we could take to a dryer to kill eggs. Front desk woman told us 2 nights before a woman was certain she'd been bitten by bedbugs and an exterminator had checkout out

the room. She then suggested we brought them with us and that her head housekeeper had confirmed there were no bugs. We did not bring these, they were in the room. How interesting they wanted to blame us after having a report in Sept 2012 and 2 nights before (neither of which we knew about til the next morning). They did not offer any sort of compensation nor did they seem alarmed by the problem. We did notice the beds had mattress covers and unusual hotel comforters which were washer friendly. Maybe they think that will clear the problem? Also, they have vents which connect all rooms so it's likely the bugs are moving throughout the entire facility.

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My husband and I stayed one night, 9-8-2012. Upon getting ready to leave the next morning we saw a smear of blood in bed by pillow. Later that afternoon I noticed itching on my arms. Later that night, noticed what I thought was a mosquito bite on my cheek. By the next morning (9-10-2012), 6 bright red raised whelps were on my face on the left cheek, 1 on the right cheek, and four above the right eyebrow. Also whelps on both arms, about 4 on the right arm and 6 on the left arm. Five bites a

bove my right thumb. I became suspicious these might be bed bug bites instead of just a few mosquito bites. I researched on the internet and three things I found on the Mayo clinic website matched my situation exactly. 1) The bites are in groups of three or so. This is referred to as "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" because this is a bite pattern typical to a bedbug. 2) The bites are contained most of the time to the waist up. Mine are on my face, hands, and arms. The reason for this is that bed bugs do not bite through clothing. I wore a tshirt and a pair of shorts to bed. I can only assume they didn't bite from my waist to my feet since my upper body is a lot warmer. 3) This is the clincher. While upon inspecting the sheets before getting into bed the night before, I didn't see any of the brown specks that are often referred to. In fact, the sheets were clean, there were no stray, unknown hairs, and the sheets and pillows smelled clean. However, the single smear of blood is what clinched my suspicion that this was from a bed bug. I would have noticed blood in the bed the night before and the blood was not brown, not bright red, it was dry, and I'm guessing it's where I rolled over and squished one of those suckers! If you review pictures of people with bed bug bites, my bites look the same as theirs. Large, red, and as of today, the third day, they are starting to blister. They itch and burn, but I'm thankful bed bugs don't harbor any diseases and this will be over soon. I look pretty horrific and have received some strange looks from people in public. I first contacted the hotel management at Quality Inn on 9-10-2012 and Choice Hotels Corporate on 9-11-2012. Waiting on responses from them. I have taken pictures to document the progression of the bites.

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