LA Quinta Inn
2500 Interstate 70 Dr Sw
Columbia, MO 65203-4687

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Stayed there In May 2012 & ended up with bug bites on my knee & arm/hand. That was my first stay at La Quintas & most likely my last.

On 10-10-2012 I stayed at the La Quinta at N. Stadium and I-70. I had carpooled to an event at the hotel next to this one with another attendee of the event. She was sleeping with a breathing apparatus, and I was having trouble sleeping, so I pulled the sheet up over my head and was reading on my phone in the wee hours of the morning. I saw a bug running around over the sheet, and quickly jumped up and folded the sheet over trying to smash it. It took three tries to kill the bug, but I took

a photo of it and looked online to find out if it was in fact a bedbug. It was! I spent the rest of the night on the tiled part of the floor lying on towels, and had to call twice before the front desk sent someone to check on this. The second call, I threatened to bring the bug and my frustration to the front desk if they didn't do something. The desk clerk came and looked at the blood and the bug on the sheet, and the maintenance man took the dead bug away in a cup. I was told that they would refund my charges for the night and that the manager would call me later to give me additional information because she didn't come to work until after 10 a.m., and I planned to be halfway home by then. This is the seventh day, and I still haven't had a call or reimbursement for the Travelocity charge which was on the credit card bill I received yesterday. In the hotel's favor, I must add that I lifted the mattress and did not see any specks or eggs, nor did I see any other bugs, although I didn't stay in the room a minute longer than I had to. My suitcase is now being stored outside until I can get something to spray it with that won't make my clothes toxic next time I travel. I washed all my clothes in hot water and dried them for over an hour, which wasn't very good for the delicates, but I don't want these bugs in my house! I'm very disappointed that they haven't shown ANY concern.

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