Americas Best Value Inn Columbia
1718 N Providence Rd
Columbia, MO 65202-1519

Found 2 reports:

Work associate stayed on 11/14 and awoke with bites, found bug evidence in the room. Hotel was not helpful.

10/25/13I booked on priceline 7 months prior to my stay for a Days Inn. When I show up I can't find a Days Inn. They changed the name to americas best value inn and didn't let us know. Well I arrived and quickly dumped luggage and met friends for dinner. When I return and start to really look at the rooms, I found bed bugs!. I went to the front desk and showed them the bugs. They gave me another room and were only going to charge me for one night. Well the second room had bed bugs!. I packed my

stuff and found another room at laquinta. I spoke to the manager again and told him he would be paying for my room at laquinta as it would be twice as expensive since this was the night before homecoming. He started to literally cuss at me and called the police and ran me out of the hotel. I waited on the cops and made them go in and give me a receipt showing that I didn't owe him any money. I called the health department that night and the inspector showed up the following business day. I have emails from the inspector stating that quote

"Yes we have put some of the rooms out of service until they have a certified pest control operator come and treat the rooms. We will go back and re-inspect after there has been sufficient time for the treatment and any secondary treatments that occur."

I would never stay there and recommend everyone stay far away from there. To sum it up I was there less than 6 hours and had bed bugs, was cussed at and had the police called.

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