Embassy Suites Hotel St Louis - Airport
11237 Lone Eagle Dr
Bridgeton, MO 63044-2739

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I have never encountered bedbugs before, so I regret it took me 3 nights to figure out the room I stayed in had bedbugs. I stayed at the hotel Sept. 27-30, 2012. The first morning when I awoke, I found spots of blood smears and small black dots on the sheets where I had been sleeping. I didn't have any cuts on any part of my body, so I thought it was very odd, and I told the front desk the sheets must be dirty or stained and I requested the bedding be changed, which they did. I was travelin

g on business and pleasure as my husband and daughter stayed with me the next two nights. On the last morning of our stay, when my husband awoke and turned on the lamp next to the bed, he found a bug next to his pillow. This of course alarmed him, and immediately we both jumped out of bed and to our surprise found a rather large blood smear and some smaller ones and several small black dots. The sheets appeared clean when we went to bed, and neither of of us had any scrapes or cuts. Upon inspecting myself for bites I found three small red dots on my left arm. It wasn't until we were telling our experience to some friends at the airport that we realized we just had a bedbugs encounter. We showed our friends the pictures we took of the bug and the sheets

I immediately called the hotel and let them know, and the clerk had me leave a message for the manager. The same hotel clerk called me back much later in the day and let me
know they refunded our hotel charges and apologized for our experience.

I travel often for work and pleasure, and this experience has been very educational, and I will definitely thoroughly inspect all future rooms. The one thing that is really nagging me is I wonder if housekeeping staff are trained to recognize the
signs of bedbugs? If they suspect an issue, I would expect they should move you to a different room

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