Super 8 Worthington
850 Lucy Dr
Worthington, MN 56187-3105

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In response to Anon. of 4/25/12: First, your statement about when a person notices bed bug bites is wrong; check the info on the internet--some people do not have an allergic reaction until two weeks after being bitten. Second, I did not ask for anything from the hotel and did not receive anything, not even an apology. When I got home I put all my clothes and shoes through a heat treatment, purchased a pesticide treatment for items that could not be washed, threw out suitcases, and eventually

hired a bug sniffing dog to go through my house because I was so traumatized. I sincerely sympathize with the owners of this hotel; I can imagine this has hurt their business. But I did not report this because of any desire to punish them or “mess with their lives.” I wanted to alert others so they could avoid the horrible, horrible experience I had.

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it is odd how someone can report a breakout of bedbugs and not have any marks until a day or two after they stayed at the motel. if you are bit by a bedbug you will notice it right away in the morning. not 2 days later. i think some of you people are just trying to get money or free motel stays. do you realize you are messing with peoples lives? or do you just not care? i have stayed there and would continue to do so because i have never had a problem with this location. some people need to g

et a life and leave other peoples alone.

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Booked four nights (9-26-11 thru 9-29-11). The air conditioner didn't work which I reported. They never fixed it. The electrical ouitlet in the bathroom was non-functional. When I checked out Friday 9-29-11 they had me confused with another gentleman from another state ( who had stayed only one night). Much confusion on the clerk's part-apparently the owner- who spoke poor english. Checkout took about 20 minutes. And the best part is the bed I slept in-the only one in the room-was infested with

bedbugs. When I got home on Saturday 10-1-11 I was covered in bedbug welts. This is not a Super 8--it is the Bates Hotel. I will be spending the next 6-7 weeks in Worthington on business but not at this 3rd world dump.

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The night of Sunday, September 4, 2011, we stayed at the Super 8 in Worthington, MN. Everything was satisfactory--I even gave them a good on-line review. However the next evening I started breaking out in itchy red welts which was only the beginning of many on my arms, shoulders, and legs. Never having experienced a bed bug bite, it took me a few days to realize what was going on (the internet has excellent pictures of people with bites, including the characteristic 3 bites in a row). I calle

d the hotel and reported my experience to the manager. I didn't remember the room number other than it was on the 2nd floor. She stated very positively that her hotel does not have bedbugs. But she said she'd go and check right away and we quickly concluded the call. After I hung up I realized she hadn't even asked my name so she could check which room we had. I guess she didn't really plan to check. A TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE.

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On Saturday July 19th I stayed on the 1st floor in the Super 8 Motel. During the night I felt things crawling on me and biting me. Because of this I moved to the other bed. The next morning after checking out of the hotel my legs were covered front and back with itchy bite marks from my ankles to my buttocks. I will never stay in Motel 8 again! I have contacted the hotel, the company, and I have gone to the doctor. We have verified the bites with digital photos. We are waiting for the cus

tomer service to respond. The hotel never called us back, yet charged us extra for using the 2nd bed in the room!

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