Super 8
2190 Frontage Rd W
Stillwater, MN 55082-1057

Found 2 reports:

Upon check-in on 01/18/2014, I specifically asked the desk clerk if there had been any reports of bedbugs in the hotel. She outright told me that they hadn't had any reports in a YEAR! That should've been my first indication to go somewhere else. She showed us to one room, which we declined for it smelled of cigarettes, the second room smelled better, but it appeared as though the carpet hadn't been vaccumed in a very long time, with crumbs and and small garbage pieces along the bed platform.

I won't return again after reading the other report and having been lied to.....

see full report...

Jan 12th, woke up and found a bedbug crawling on the mattress. Two days later, I have the telltale three bumps (bites) on my right leg.

No nearby bug reports