Midwest Hotel
2144 University Ave W
St Paul, MN 55114

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This place is run by a "foreigner" slum Lord. All the cliches about third world slum lords ring true here almost tragically comedic ... clients are street dealers and low rent druggies and alchoholics - not pleasant company. They destroy the bathrooms, lots of shouting and cops showing weekly. Staff can be nice. They have a tough job for sure. Place is Seriously Dysfunctional, but tolerable when a person is desperate to find shelter. However, the bed bug situation should get this place condemmed

. They have it so often they have equiptment to heat the rooms for 24 hours. Problem is ... the bugs just escape to the upper or lower rooms. Lots of mice too. In St Paul it's notorious for having bed bugs galore - yet still allowed to operate. Every floor, almost every room. I had the first night an attack of bed bugs. They moved me to a new room the next night, even more bed bugs. I was renting monthly. Third room same same. I spent over $400 in 6 months to combat the bugs and mice. No reimbursement - indifferent owner.

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My husband and i started staying here 2 nights ago. We examined the room which seemed shabby and dirty but found no evidence of bedbugs. Yesterday when he was at work i found a bug on the bed and smooshed it not thinking it was a bed bug. Last night as he and i were laying in bed we noticed several of these bugs all over the bed. I have collected about20 bugs and put them in a plastic bag. This place is cheapest as they come and we are trying to save money to get an apartment so we are stuck her

e for the time being.

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