Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, St Paul NE, MN
3505 Vadnais Center Dr
St Paul, MN 55110-5192

Found 2 reports:

My daughter just came home from a sleep over birthday party. She was itching her head and came away with a bug on her hand. We have a microscope and checked it out. Sure enough it was a bed bug alive a kicking. We are washing all her clothes and got her into the shower ASAP. Hopefully were finished with it. If they made it into our home we will have a very big problem!

Stayed here for a hockey tournament August 10th-12th, for which this hotel sponsored. Found out later they actually jacked the price up this weekend to bilk the teams for more money. Prices were doubled because of the weekend, as confirmed by the manager (Tyler, I think). Additionally, the pool staff person was a very hostile, angry woman. Our team had a block of rooms. To add to the insult of paying more than double, 2 families encountered bed bugs in their rooms, which were not noted unt

il we all returned home and found bites and welts. One family has been trying to eradicate them from their home since the tournament. Many, many dollars and months later it is still a problem.

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