Super 8 Motel Shakopee
581 Marschall Rd S
Shakopee, MN 55379-2612

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I stayed in room 221 on 10/15/15 and woke up to 1 bedbug under the pillow and 2 in the bed, I would never stay here again!

THIS MOTEL IS GROSS & DISGUSTING... I'm sure we got bed bugs from staying here !!!

My husband and I decided to stay here for our honeymoon on 8/13/11. We chose super 8 for its low price and convenient distance from valley fair. We arrived and were immediately disappointed with the place. The halls were dark and creepy and when we walked into the room there was a very strong and horrible odor in the room along with holes in the carpet and patches in the walls, etc. We sprayed some body spay to try and help with the smell and tried to get past it. Later on we wanted to relax in

the hot tub, when we went down to the pool area there were 10 people in the hot tub as well as kids even though the sign clearly stated a Max of 6 people and no one under 12 permitted. We talked to the receptionist and she did nothing about the over crowding or kids, only said she would call our room when it cleared out. After waiting an hour and a half we went back down (with only 30 minutes time left to be in the pool area) and the situation had not changed. We finally decided against the hot tub and went back to our room. We got in bed, reluctantly because the bedding seemed very old, worn out, and unclean. After being in bed for a while both my husband and I began getting very itchy all over. Finally after about an hour we couldn't take anymore and decided to shower and leave. We told the staff, later found out he was the manager and owner, that we would not stay here and wanted a refund. We were told that unless we could show him actual bugs they would do nothing. Both my husband and I had hives and welted red marks on our faces, necks backs, legs, ect. The manager still refused to give us a refund and told us not to blame them because we must have had some kind of allergic reaction that caused it to happen and it wasn't their fault. We had the worst service at this hotel that either of us has ever seen and will never stay at a super 8 again.

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