Super 8 Rochester Fairgrounds
1230 S Broadway
Rochester, MN 55904-3821

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Three of us stayed at this motel for four nights starting on December 1 of this year. On perhaps the 2nd night step daughter awakened to find a bug crawling on her bed. She killed it with a tissue and threw it away. Later she said she saw a similar bug crawling on the bathroom floor. When my wife showed her photos of a bedbug she said that it was the same. I did not observe this insect and so could not independently confirm that it was a bed bug. We did lift up the mattresses and inspected the a

reas around the beds with a flashlight and looked through the bedding but saw no other sign of them. When we got home, being from far northern Minnesota, we placed all of our clothes still in the luggage out on the porch for several days in below zero weather and then washed them. No one appeared to be bitten.

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