Crowne Plaza Hotel Minneapolis-Dwtn (Northstar)
618 2nd Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

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My name is David with Elite Dog Detection. Do you guys have a K9 bed bug search program that you utilize? We are an unbiased K9 detection company that will work alongside any pest control company or directly with the customer that could help in the detection process of these pests.

Friday 12/6/2013
We decided to take our kids to the Holidazzle parade and to macys again this year and booked our room, here as we do each year. It's a great location and had never had any problems in the past. Upon entering the room, I noticed a bug on the pillow. I contacted the front desk, asked if they had ever had a problem with this sort of thing, to which I never got a solid no. She informed me, The director of house keeping was coming to our room. I immediately photographed the bug, and

googled it, to which it matched a bed bug exactly. The director of housekeeping came in looked at the bug, offered to move us to another room and comp our stay, to which we declined and he left the room, and the bug. We gathered our bags, still unpacked (thank god) and left. As we were leaving the bug was crawling on the pillow. Disgusting!!! I have heard horror stories about these things, so we took extra measures upon returning home and brought nothing in the house. I will never stay at hotel again without doing extensive research into weather or not they've had bed bugs. I'm just thankful we hadn't unpacked or stayed the night.

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On Friday Sep. 2nd my boyfriend and I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Downtown. The staff was very nice and gave us an upgrade to the sky garden level room because I am an employee of Holiday Inn. That also makes me very aware of the threat of bed bugs and since the rooms appeared clean I didn't feel I had anything to worry about.
Upon arriving home, I had about five bites on my feet and legs and soon realized they were from bed bugs. Even after washing all of my blankets and sheets, am still findi

ng new bites on my legs. This is a nightmare to say the least because I now am dealing with the pests in my own home, which is the last thing I expected to deal with after paying good money to stay in a nice hotel.

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Found little spots along waist in morning and then kill the bedbug which was full of blood. Room 710 on June 19, 2011.

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