Super 8
4100 W Superior St
Duluth, MN 55807

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I stayed two nights in Room 206 during a busy tourist weekend on September 16-18, 2011. I don't travel much and it never occurred to me that I should have to check for bedbugs. The bites on my body are enough proof that room was infested, but I did not actually see the bedbugs.

I ended up getting sick during my stay and would have gone home a day early, only there was a two-night minimum stay that weekend and I'd already paid for my two days. I figured I would get my rest and leave early the

next morning. This is exactly what I did -- I slept from noon one day straight through until 8 a.m. the next morning. Then I checked out and drove home. During my drive home, I began to feel itchy. When I arrived home three hours later I discovered small insect bites covering my entire body, at least three hundred bites all over -- on my arms, fingers, hands, legs, feet, in between my toes, on my back and tummy, and even on my face.

I am now freaking out about bedbugs in my home, as they most likely hitched a ride in my car and/or luggage. I have already spotted a couple of bugs in my bedroom! The bedbug related costs are adding up quickly -- medical bills from a doctor visit, a missed day from work, not to mention whatever it will cost to hire an exterminator to rid my house of bugs! As I understand, the extermination process is very difficult and will cost thousands.

I had chicken pox as a kid, and that in no way compared to the blotchy, itchy, and swollen bites that are covering my body. The medicine and creams that my doctor presribed have done nothing to help. And I am now haunted by a constant "creepy crawling" feeling and the inability to get a good night's sleep in fear that I will end up with more bites.

I am seeking legal advice and do expect Super 8 to compensate me for my bedbug related expenses.

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The St. Louis County Health Department and Plunkets pest control company have both inspected this property and they do not have bed bugs.

June 23rd my family stayed in room 222 at the Super 8 on 40th in Duluth, MN. My husband has been staying at this motel for three months (once a week) for business. The family joined him that day, and before turning in, I checked on the kids already sleeping, and found adult bed bugs on both them and the bed. I then promptly got the kids out of the bed, and checked under the mattresses and pillows and found about ten on each bed. From research, it is unusal to spot that many since they hide.

I can only imagine what that means as far as bad infestation. Additionally, I found an adult bed bug on my book that had only been on the desk across the room.

After talking with the Dept of Health, I found out that they will be heating the room to extreme temp to kill the bed bugs. Insectidies no longer work. We are frantically turning over our house, suspecting my husband must have brought them home sometimes this past three months. It will cost $3,000-$5,000 to heat our house and further exterminate. If not done, they will continue to multiply and even infest the walls. Please take this seriously and educate yourselves. Super 8 also had an infestation nine months ago. To be fair, they are complying and exterminating according to the health depts guidelines. Even so, my husband will no longer being staying there. Though, I no longer feel safe with him staying anywhere since the D of H told my that there is a handful of hotels being treated in the area.

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