Radisson Hotel Duluth Harborview, MN
505 W Superior St
Duluth, MN 55802

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Stayed here in mid-September. Room was dirty (toenail clippings and crumbs on the floor, fresh stains on the bedspreads). I reported this to management in a post-stay survey. I have since developed a series of rashes consistent with bedbugs. Previous confirmed reports for room 909--I was in 901.

This is Lisa Pederson the Assistant General Manager of the Radisson-Duluth responding to the complaint about bed bugs.

A room was treated in the hotel after a confirmed sighting. Guardian Pest Control completed the thermal treatment of the affected room and certified the room as cleared for occupancy. They further performed inspections of adjacent rooms and all of those rooms were certified clear of any bugs. Guardian is called in every time a guest believes they have encountered a bed bug an

d regularly by the hotel for routine focused inspections. Reports from guests fearing they may have encountered a bed bug are happening more and more often because the proliferation of bed bugs in this country is exploding and the fear factor is high.

The Radisson extensively trains its staff to proactively inspect every bed as it is being made and to report anything suspect so that the room can be further inspected and cleared before it’s rented again.

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While staying Feb. 10-12, 2012 in room 909; my husband started itching and had numerous small red bumps. He looked up the bumps online and found they were similar to bed bug bites. That was Friday. Sunday, while packing he spotted a bug crawling across the sheets. We captured it, looked it up online and it was identical to a bed bug. We immediately brought it to the front desk. The supervisor on duty said it was highly unlikely that it was a bed bug since this one was a rust color and all bed bu

gs are black (maybe true but after feeding the bug does look rust color). They compensated us for the room and apologized. We had to ask for bags for our luggage. Our two small children, both under the age of 2, have numerous bites. We didn't find any other bugs but didn't look long and tried to leave as quickly as possible.

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