Quality Inn Northtown Coon Rapids
9052 University Ave Ne
Coon Rapids, MN 55448-6108

Found 3 reports:

sorry actually got the dates wrong, I stayed there from 9/14/12- 11/13/12, when I finally killed one, after I had marks on me for two months. Just wanted to clarify, see report by statmann1 before to see what happened.

From Sept 30-Nov 13 2012, had same problem, I was bit, and did not know why, until I too killed one. I too put a dead one in a bag and they did nothing and so did choice and I am a diamond member (highest standing for choice). I am now sueing Choice and the hotel as they did nothing to fix it.

I am staying at the Quality Inn for the past 5 months and I kept getting these bites marks on my arms, legs, and face then one morning my husband woke up and seen something on the pillow next to his head and we caught it and put it in a bag and showed it to the manager of the hotel and they did nothing. I'm still there cause I have nowhere else to go.

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