LA Quinta Inn
7011 Northland Cir N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428-1542

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1-2-2016 Sad to hear about neg reviews and bedbugs. Stayed here before and never had a problem. Just wondering if bedbug issue has been resolved?

We stayed at LaQuinta in Brooklyn Park, MN on 11/12/11 in room 216. A week after staying there I broke out with bites on my arms and legs with the breakfast, lunch, dinner biting pattern (about 10 bites on each arm, three on my left foot). I have not been bitten since. Note: make sure you look at both entries for LaQuinta. It looks like there are two entries for the same hotel in this registry. If you look at the other entry you'll see bed bugs were reported as late as 11/22/11.

We stayed at the hotel over the weekend for a soccer tournament. I am covered in bed bug bites.

I just stayed at this hotel.....didnt encounter any problen with bed fact it was a very lovely hotel and seemed very clean in my room. I was very surprised to hear about this problem in the past!

I had seen some bad Reviews about this Hotel. Since it suited me from my business point of view so despite some apprehensions, I decided to stay here. I stayed her twice, three days each time. I was very comfortable and did not encounter any problem of Bed Bugs. I also spoke to some other Guests staying at the Hotel and none of them had experienced anything of that sort. I saw the hotel was having lot of guests.
I thought it my moral obligation to submit this Report for the information of ever

y one.

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I am the General Manager at the hotel, this problem was taken care of through sustained and concerted efforts.
Now the entire Hotel has been deep cleaned and I can report with full responibility that not even one room has bed bugs.
Please come and enjoy your stay at La Quinta Inn Brooklyn Park/Maple Grove, we assure you of a High Quality service.

Stayed in reg room last night.. Diddnt read any reviwes.. Woke up covered in bites and a huge rash.. Red and transparent bugs had covered all of my clothes and now they are in my car.... I have never felt this disgusting and have never been so angry... Do not go here!! I now have to go to the doctor because i have a rash and bites that cover about 80% of my body

We checked in at the hotel on Friday March 18, 2011. When I woke up Sunday morning I noticed there were several whelps on my upper back, right arm and leg. I did notify the front desk later that day. We were given another suite and assured that the hotel did not have "bed bugs" Upon checking out on the morning of March 23, 2011, the desk clerk gave me a card and asked me to call the manager because he was unavailable at the time.

Stayed at the La Quinta on 2/18/11 - 2/20/11. The hotel was very dirty to begine with didnt seem like it was cleaned in a long time. Our room had a very bad smell to it and so did the furniture. I talked with the front desk and they seemed to not care. Coming home from our trip to MN I spotted a bug on my pillow my husband then said yes its a bed bug. I would never again stay there very dirty place.

I am a regular guest at this Hotel. I find very good and comfortable place. I am aware that they have done the deep cleaning of the Rooms and now there is no pfoblem of the bed bugs. I have the opportunity to speak to other Guests who confirmed to me that they did not encounter any problem of the Bed Bugs in the Hotel.

I stayed at this hotel on 9-12-10 During the night I swore I felt something crawling on me several times! The next morning I looked at the mattress and saw a few spots that looked like ink spots. I thought I was just being paranoid. Until a day later, I felt an annoying pain on my shoulder. It felt like a mosquito bite but not as itchy. When I looked in the mirror I saw five puss filled bite marks! All in a row! One straight line! The bites are still there today. On my way out I saw several matt

resses by the dumpster. I guess thats a sign that they know there is a problem. Good thing I left my bag in the trunk of my car! I just had a funny feeling. Is there anything that can be done about this hotel? Or do they just get to continue renting rooms and keep spreading this gross pest?

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many rooms with bed bugs,,,many commplaints,,,,managment only sprays beds with raid and room is ready to be rented then another guest comes story all over again bed bugs are still there and the story goes on only more rm come up with bed bugs

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