Super 8 Bloomington Airport MSP
7800 2nd Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55420-1206

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5/18/2014-- Stayed at this location for one night with my grandmother in room 346. As I was reading a book at about 2am, I saw something out of the corner of my eye-- a bug crawling across my sleeping grandmother's pillow, a couple inches above her head. As I got up to investigate further, an addition 2 bugs crawled up on the pillow from the side of the mattress adjacent to the wall. We killed a total of 4 bugs in a matter of a few seconds.
Fortunately, the information was well received by the

front desk staff. The caring & concerned manner in which they questioned me felt genuine. They provided me with a detailed description of how they would proceed to address the concern. However, I am still very creeped out by the experience and will not be staying there in the future.
At present, I am still waiting on a call from the general manager in regards to how I will be compensated for this.

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At first the room looked fine. However, the bathroom sink was plugged, front staff stated that know one was available to fix since it was later in the evening.
When we woke up we found a bug crawling on the bed. I picked it up and brought it to the front desk. They were not helpful at all, in fact
down right rude. To the point the one gentleman said how do we know that you could of planted those bed bugs just to get a free room. Then stated after I requested he call his manager. After

some arguing because he didn't and stated that after I said bed bugs are in this hotel he said that was slander. He then called the manager who told them to deal with it. I did call I spoke to the manager after several hours. She stated that she'll get the pest control to come and verify that there are bed bugs and thanked me for bring them one of the bugs. The manager too suggested that they would find out from the pest control Co if I brought them. Which for a perfessional that is very unprofessional to even make such a statement. She did call me back after pest control finished in the room and he did verify that it was bed bugs and I could not have brought them in. She said she would have Expedia refund me. She did state that they did have this problem before.

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