Super 8 Albert Lea
2019 E Main St
Albert Lea, MN 56007-3918

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This hotel has now become a Motel 6. Stayed there 9/15/15. I noticed at least a dozen bed bugs. Asked to move rooms. Saw one bedbug in the new room. Hotel clerk claimed he had never seen them in his hotel before. Worst hotel stay ever!!

I should have came forward long ago. However I do not wish to be identified on who I am. I used to work for Mike. I am not going to identify durring what time becuase like I said I do not want to be identified. But I say it was within this past year. I was a housekeeper there. There were bedbugs in atleast 6 rooms that I was aware of. I was even waned to "be careful" when I would clean a room. They would shut the room down and completely strip the bedding and keep it shut down for 2-3 days. But

they never exterminated it They only had an exterminator in the hotel 1 time that I saw in the several months that I worked there. They also had plastic hidden under the mattress to try and "help" the bed bug problem. I know that they were over run with them when I worked there. I ended up quiting there because it became more and more infested & I became scared that I would bring the bugs home to my family. I swear on everything that I love this motel really does have bed bugs. I told everyone that I know here in Albert Lea about it. I just became aware of this web site today or else I would have posted this long ago.

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June 22, 2011

Stayed the night at the Super 8 in Albert Lea, MN, and 8 hours later I have over 30 bug bites all over my arms, back and now even on my face. Room looked shabby, but I even checked for bed bugs and didn't see any under mattress. My bites totally match what the websites are saying, though. They are in groups of 3 and itch like crazy.

Well looking up on this web site was scared to go to this place but we still went there and talked with front desk about the bed bugs but it was good to see that they had state health certificate which mentioned the property was cleared from bed bugs and i did suggested the front desk to post the certificate on this site or wherever it shows that this super 8 has bed bugs anyway thanks to you guys to keep us alert .This happend on 27 feb 2011.

Stayed there one night 1/16/11--before we could check this website out. Hotel was pretty scruffy but at least we didn't get any bedbug bites or find any.

December 26, 2010

Found several bedbugs in the the morning, including several blood spots.

Room wasn't that clean either...

Well we looked up this registry after finding bedbugs, being bitten by bedbugs, and itching and scratching. So there were not tons of them, but there are still quite a few!!! If you enjoy good prices, donating blood for the new bedbug families then this is the motel for you. Plus we got a big 25% off after showing them our roomates the bedbugs.

June 2010. 2 people, separte dates stayed in the same month but in the same room. Both of us were scene at clinics and treated for bed bug bites, multiple bites for one person and a hundred + for one person. Reported to the MN dept of health, they inspected the hotel and found egss and bugs in the room we stayed in. Sueing hotel for expenses caused by incident.

September 29, 2010
Did not count the number of bites but estimate at least a dozen.

50 bites...evening of Sunday, 4/4/10....reported to motel on 4/5/10.....treated at urgent care on 4/5/10

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