Baymont Inn & Suites Traverse City
2326 N Us Highway 31 S
Traverse City, MI 49684-4548

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Definitely BEDBUGS!
Fell off me in the shower!

I was staying at the Baymont in traverse City as I always have on Feb 16th and 17th 2011. After hearing all the buz about bed begs I called ahead of time to make sure there hadnt been any reports of bugs, I was reassured that I wasnt crazy for asking and told they hadnt had them. When I checked in I checked my mattress seams just to be sure and found nothing. It wasnt til the second night I stayed, in the am I found a dried blood stain on my comforter. The closer I looked the more sure I was tha

t it was a dead bug in the center of the blood stain. Gross. I found a housekeeper, she came to look at it and then she called the maintenance man to come to my room. After he tore apart all the bedding and moved the mattresses off the box spring, he turned to me and said, "Id pack you're things and go if I were you". Meaning he found bugs.

As if this wasnt bad enough, the font desk was offering me 2 free nights stay as compensation! Can you believe that! Obviously I said NO and demanded my money back. They would only give me money back for the night I found the dead bug in blood. And to make it worse the manager wouldnt even come out to apologize to me for my troubles until I demanded to speak with him. After a lengthly arguemant I left very disappointed. This situation ruined my entire day, I had to go to walmart and buy large garbage bags to put all my things in then find a laundry mat to heat all my things before I went home, fearing I was going to bring bed bugs home with me. It was an awful experience and Im never staying at the Baymont again. Not just because of the bugs but because I was treated so terrible by management as if this was just "no big deal".

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