Super 8 Taylor Detroit Area
15101 Huron St
Taylor, MI 48180

Found 4 reports:

7/15/15 My husband was on a business trip and stayed at this hotel and they had to leave because the hotel was infested with bedbugs. After the report he checked his bed and found several in the bed seams.

I made a reservation at this hotel on 12/11. I was given a room on the first floor, about six doors down from the lobby. There were two beds, a cursory check of the first bed was clean but I found a dead adult bedbug in the sheets of the second bed. No further inspection done, I packed up my things and left.

I worked at the super 8 in taylor mi I just quit they have 14 rooms with bed bugs right now and every day I worked ther was a new room with bed bugs and when they have no more rooms to give custermers they will just go give them a bed bug room just so they can get that room rented for the night or week thats why I left.may 2012

We checked our beds for signs of bedbugs at check in and didn't find anything suspicious. In the morning I noticed blood on the sheets and asked my husband if he had a scab or cut that was bleeding. He said no. I opened the curtains and looked at the bed and we saw 4 bedbugs along with alot of spots of blood. Immediately informed management and left the hotel.

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