Red Roof Detroit Taylor
21230 Eureka Rd
Taylor, MI 48180

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Written on: 10/28/15. I checked into this Red Roof Inn on 10/16/15 and checked out on 10/19/15. I was in Room 120. At the time of check-in, I was informed that Room 120 was the only room that they had available for the weekend. When I woke up on Sunday, 10/18/15, I noticed that I had what appeared to be blisters on my right hand and one of my fingers. I showed it to my mom and she said that it looked like a bug bite. The next day, 10/19/15, I woke up with a blister on the left side of my n

eck, my left forearm and elbow area. They hurt and itched. I showed them to my aunt and she too said that they looked like bug bites. I showed them to the gal at the front desk when I checked out and told her that Room 120 might be infected with bed bugs. She assured me that they would have the room checked out. On 10/20/15 I saw my PCP in San Jose, CA and was told that the marks were definitely bed bug bites. I was given a prescription for them. On 10/27/15, I received an email from Red Roof's GM Frederick Austen informing me that they had checked Room 120 and also had a professional inspection and found no evidence of bed bugs. I hadn't slept any where else but at the Red Roof Inn. So, even though Mr. Austen is stating that Room 120 does not have bed bugs, it does not explain where I got them from other than that room. It's been a little over a week and the bites are now scabbed over. This experience has been horrendous and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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