Hampton Inn Sturgis
71451 S Centerville Rd
Sturgis, MI 49091

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Checked in 3/16/2015: laid down to take a nap. Woke up several hours later and saw a bug walking across the bedspread. I killed the bug with a tissue and it was full of blood. I spotted another bug, took a picture of it, and went to the front desk. The receptionist was pleasant and changed my room and suggested I speak to management in the morning. The next morning I notice numerous red itchy bites on my upper arm and hand. I bring my concern to manangement, who promptly dismisses my concern wit

hout any interest whatsoever. I then receive an irate, unprofessional, and inappropriate voicemail from the GM telling me to stop saying the hotel may have bedbugs and to check out immediately, which I happily do. I then go to the urgent care down the street and the doctor tells me that the bites on my body are 100% from bedbugs and gives me written documentation saying this as well. I reported the issue to management assuming they would want to address something that is potentially harmful to travelers. I wanted nothing from the hotel and I didn't ask them for anything. I am a frequent traveler and not someone who regularly complains, but this was legitimate and concerning.

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