Motel 6
18777 Northline Rd
Southgate, MI

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I was in room 261 at motel 6 in southgate on northline. after a couple of days my children were getting bit up by what I suspected were spiders. ( I had checked for bedbugs when i first moved in (during they day)) I reported these bites and they said they would be looked into. our last night there we got a cal from the "office" said we had to check out immediately due to a slight bedbug infestation. When I asked this caller (who identified themselves as the front desk)if they were sure they had

the right room they said yes. I went to the office to clear the matter up and they insured us that there was no infestation that it was a prank from another person staying there. we moved the next day. unfortunately we had to stay over a month. when we had to move from our other room after 28 days, they put us back in room 261. I asked if the bug problem had been taken care of. The manager Sonya, assured me that it had and we moved back to that room. We moved all of our things and took care of a lot of errands. when we came back and went to lay down at 930pm we pulled the flat sheets down and found a bug I have never seen before. Then I pulled down the fitted sheet and found another. i put them both in a cup and took them to the office. The gentleman there put a cover on the cup and put inthe back office and assured me he would let the manager know and let us move rooms. Tonight, less then 24 hrs later i decided to walk by that room just to be sure they didn't re-rent it, they had. I am out of here in the morning. I really hope that I did not bring any of these critters with me and if I did, I hope that there is something that can be done about it since I didn't report it to any authorities or take pictures.

Those who see my address, can youplease send a duplicate of thise to my email since this is the only record that I have of it? I would appreciate it very much

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We'll I've been a regular here at the motel 6 in Southgate for a year now on and off. . I've been itching all over places I've never broke out have Been inflamed I finally found the cause on 10/11/12 me and my boyfriend were laying down and I seen a brownoval shaped bug crawling around by his face. For a week now he's been breaking out in what I thought were hives but hell no they have mangyole bed bugs and besides that I call the desk speak with manager and she says she will send a maintenance

man lmao these people try to pen there pest problem on somebody who came from Louisiana smmfh. I found bugs all in the box spring my advice don't stay here you'll more than likely be told are you sure you didn't leave and come bk omg I wanted to kill somebody.
Besides it's not worth taking them home. .

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