Quality Inn Southfield
26111 Telegraph Rd
Southfield, MI

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I stayed at this motel with my husband and my mother for two nights, Sept. 3 and 4, 2013. It would have been acceptable except for two things:

(1) We found a bed bug in our room.
(2) The general manager refused to file an incident report so I could have a formal record of the bed bug occurence.

Finding the bug was disturbing. Refusing to file an incident report was appalling, probably illegal. In lieu of an incident report, I asked the manager to sign a note on my receipt, stating th

at we had found a bed bug in the room. He also refused to do that. Had the general manager filed the report, or signed the statement, I would not have posted this negative review. Given his refusal to put this event on-the-record, I'm forced to publicly report this event in as many places as possible, and to notify Quality Inns/Choice Hotels of this ugly situation.

The manager declared that an incident report is only for "bodily injury." He's either dissembling, or he's uninformed and inadequately trained concerning use of incident reports. They're intended to be for ANY incident that could cause physical, financial, or psychological harm to their client. Occurrence of bed bugs in a hotel room presents a risk for all three types of harm, and it's impossible to know until a later time, whether there'll be physical or financial damage. I've already had psychological damage/trauma, from not knowing whether I've carried these awful bugs out of the hotel with me to my car and residences.

The bug we found was indisputably a bed bug. The staff confirmed that's what it was. We have a photo of it, and it exactly matches photos of bed bugs shown online.

Since we found only one bug, the manager confidently stated that he's sure that was the only one. Again, he's dissembling or uninformed, as there's virtually never "just one" bed bug. Since the staff told us that all bedding and linens in the room would be bagged and washed in very hot water, and the room would be fumigated daily for seven days, obviously the manager knows there's little likelihood of "just one" bug.

The manager assurred me that there's little chance of carrying them out, because he states that they don't go into suitcases, just in "warm places," such as lamps and TVs. Again, he's appallingly ignorant, or simply lying. Only when they're feeding do bed bugs go to warm places, such as human bodies. The rest of the time, they hide in any convenient location, especially suitcases, and that's common knowledge. The bed bugs in that hotel most likely came into the hotel in a suitcase, so clearly they can be carried out of the hotel in a suitcase.

There's another online review reporting bed bugs at this hotel in July, 2013, so obviously the management knows there's an ongoing problem, not a "one-time," "one-bug" event. If only I'd checked the reviews before staying at this hotel. I'll never go there again.

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