Embassy Suites Southfield
28100 Franklin Rd
Southfield, MI 48034

Found 4 reports:

Bed bugs found on pillow,and underneath sheets in room 415. A freakin nightmare! Informed hotel mgmt that bug was in bed second night stay. They changed linens. The 3rd night I awoke with a bad itching sensation and found a bed bug on my pillow, under my sheets, and on suitcase! Right now I'm in a different room and I had to leave my belongings behind just in case they were infested. I am exhausted and itchy. Such a huge disgusting problem.

Follow up to report I submitted earlier today... bed bug found and killed in room 512. Management moved me to 211. I tore apart bedding, including headboard from wall per FAQ. Found no evidence in 211. Didn't sleep well afterwards.

Checked out in the morning, Hotel offered to dry clean/launder clothing. I declined. The said to send them the cleaning bill.

Got to today's location, washed, dry cleaned all clothing and sprayed Ortho Bed Bug killer on everything else.


I stayed at Embassy Suites in Southfield for one evening. One week later I woke with bites. After three days, I confirmed that I had bed bugs.

MARCH 2011 -- Bedbugs. Management unresponsive. Bites, bites, bites -- checked tripadvisor after the stay and if you scroll down far enough, you'll see comments about the bugs. Seems like management is trying to cover up with "good reviews" -- sales person in hotel was bribing people to write positive reviews.

No nearby bug reports