Americas Best Value Inn
3411 I 75 Business Spur
Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783-3606

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To jwchemist who reported bedbugs at this location... I James Skipper was working friont desk upon their arrival, they checked in and upon finding out we had no pool asked for a refund, which they were here for over an hour, in return I would not provide a refund on the sole purpose of them wanting a pool. They did not even stay here for the night. And they booked thru priceline who kept calling and calling to try to get the guest a refund... That post is an absolute lie and should be romoved..

.. This is out right slander in every way! I myself totally remember this obnoxious rude guest and her kids who in the lobby crying that we didnt have a pool... We have never had bedbugs and have never been reported to until this crazy lady and her winey kids... I can send proven reciepts and documentation that this couple didnt stay here they checked in sat in there rooms for an hour or so contacted priceline for a refund after I denied it.....

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The place checked out OK before making the reservation. Upon arrival my daughter asked the desk personnel if they had bed bugs. They said no, but the Holiday Inn did. Well, as it turns out, the Americas Best Value Inn does too. My wife and I were in a room upstairs and had no issues. My daughter and two kids stayed downstairs. They were in different beds. My daughter had a terrible case of bed bug bites, the grandkids were OK. The room was 107. Clearly the bastards lied and I find that unaccepta

ble. Please list them.

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