Super 8 Romulus Detroit Mi
9863 Middlebelt Rd
Romulus, MI 48174

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Although nothing special, I wouldn't have really complained about the room because of the price we paid. My friend and I noticed something sticky several times but didn't make a connection at the time.
When she got up at 5 am to catch a plane, I stayed in bed because I didn't have to leave until much later. The light was out except for a sliver of light coming from the bathroom. In the dimness, I noticed an insect scurrying across the bed and squashed it. It left a dark spot. Again having no ex

perience with bedbugs, I didn't make a connection and didn't turn on the light to investigate. I was tired and went back to sleep.
When we got to our respective homes, my friend and I both noticed several itchy welts and only then did we investigate on the internet and come to the conclusion that it was bedbugs.
After that, I looked up the reviews on the hotel and noticed someone else had the problem months before and it hadn't been corrected. If I had read the previous review about bedbugs, we never would have stayed here< but we booked during our trip without access to internet.
When I called the hotel to complain, the hotel clerk said that they had sprayed for bedbugs. I asked her to have the manager call me which never happened.
I called the Wayne County health department. They said they had had a lot of complaints lately about bedbugs but that they couldn't act on them because bedbugs don't cause disease even though they cause a lot of emotional concern.
I also called the Super 8 complaint dept and filed a complaint but I never had a response from them either.
Jan 31 2008

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