Quality Inn & Suites Romulus
9555 Middlebelt Rd
Romulus, MI 99999

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Oct 25 2020

Woke up with 20-30 bites, mostly on arms. I did check the room, but did not see anything. Only upside is that I reacted so strongly to the bites I knew not to bring my luggage back into my home.

To bad I learned of this website after staying in this hotel! My wife, daughter and I stayed in room #303 at the end of Jan 2012. we woke up to see a large red bug. Google helped us confirm it was indeed a bedbug. Unfortunately, after our encounter, my family and I had "post-traumatic bedbug stress" for the rest of our trip! Worried if we would be taking any new "friends" home....everytime we thought about "Big Red" we would start to itch and the hair on our arm/neck would stand on end....Ugh!

28/10/2011, Room #206. I woke up to find 6 bed bugs of various sizes crawling in my bed. I captured a couple in a cup and took them to the front desk and was moved to a suite on a different floor by a very apologetic staff member who assured me that I would not be charged for the room. I threw out the clothes I was wearing and took a very hot shower in case any remained on my person.

Had a room with two beds and one bed during the day found two baby bed bugs. Checked both beds and found no more

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