La Quinta Inn Detroit Airport
7680 Merriman Rd
Romulus, MI 48174-1911

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We missed our flight and my 7yr old daughter and I were put up by Delta airlines in this hotel. I do admit the room looked very nice. Upon waking up and headed back to the airport i noticed my little one scratching uncontrollably. She had been bitten over and over again. I tried counting and could honestly say it had to have been approximately 50 bites all over her body. This included her forehead, ears, everything. Some even clumped together. I had nothing on me and about to catch our ne

xt leg on the trip i had to give her, her hairbrush to scratch with for some relief. I called the hotel to let them know about the incident to which all i received was the standard blurb of we turnover our rooms every so often and ...... which meant they didn't really care, especially since we had been there through Delta and not out of our own dime. Well go figure on the way back we missed our flight again. I told Delta there was no way i was going back there, so they put me in a different hotel.

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