Fairfield Inn-Port Huron
1635 Yeager St
Port Huron, MI 48060-2577

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On 8/18/12, we checked into the hotel (without looking it up on this site prior) In the morning, my son told me he felt a bug crawling on him and saw another one. In desparation and instead of waking us up, he laid down in the bathtub to sleep. In the morning I saw a bedbug in the bathtub. I took that one and another he "saved" down to the front desk clerk. Was told the acting manager would be in a half hour later. We quickly gathered our things and put my son's bed clothes in a plastic bag

. After almost an hour, I called to find out when the acting manager would be coming to our room. I was told he was busy doing other things, but he had told the front desk clerk to credit our stay. We were grateful that we were credited for our stay, but were surprised that the acting manager did not come up to talk to and apologize to us personally.

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We had a bed bug incident on May 14th, 2011. After about an hour of being in the room, I picked up the bed pillow and there was a bed bug. We put it in some kleenex and brought it downstairs to the girl at the counter. She refunded our money and we left immediately. There were blood stains on the sheets from bed bug trails and I had my ipad with me and the photo matched the bed bug.

Checked in on Nov. 29, 2011. After about i hour, saw a bug on pillow next to my head. Checked under other pillows and found a second. Complained to manager and he refunded our money and was extremely nice about situation. We left hotel.

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