Lake Trail Resort
5400 Hwy 23 N
Oscoda, MI 48750

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I woke up around 1:45 with two bites on my face and one on my neck. I looked under the mattress and found what I thought was a bed bug. I also had three on my arms that got worse the next day. I was in room 110.

The Seven Dials Hotel in London is convenient, the rooms are fine,and the staff is nice. Unfortunately, my family experienced a case of bed bugs while we were there. we went to a clinic straight from the airport where the diagnosis was confirmed. After immediately writing the hotel we received, what seemed like a form letter back. It said that they had the room inspected and we must have gotten it from a taxi, or bus, or plane. It took a whole week of fumigating, laundry, and scratching to

get back on track in our home.

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Hello ! We rented a home from lynn properties that was infested with bed bugs. We were very unawate unril our. Staryed getting multiple bug bites after three doctors apps. And treatment for scabies we still keep gwtting bites we finally see the bed bugs visually. Our landlird refuses to help split finciL cost of eraticating these pests. Our home is in bruceville tx, but he has home in lorena-china springs-waco-laxy lakeview-bellmead- bruxeville-eddy-robinson ect....

We arrived on a Sunday night and stayed in one of their cabins on the "resort". I woke up on Monday night itching like crazy. On tuesday morning I had approx 30-40 bites on my body that itched so bad. My nephew who had slept in the bed the night previously also had bites as well as my husband. We told the people at the desk. The owners wouldn't admit they were bed bugs. They exterminated the cabin for "spiders" instead even though we never saw one spider. They came the next day and changed only

the top mattress and bedding...nothing else. Same pillows, same mattress on the bottom...My mother-in-law who stayed in the actual motel part also had bited on her. We felt like they were in big time denial and I just feel bad for the poeple who stay their next because the bugs will still be there so I wanted to report them.

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