Fairfield Inn
11400 Holiday Dr
New Buffalo, MI 49117-8212

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We stayed at this Inn overnight October 23, 2010 after being "assured" from corporate Marriott/Fairfield that pest control was of the upmost importance to them. However, I found a blood-engorged bedbug on the door frame of the bathroom in the morning, Oct. 24, which I killed immediately! Upon check out (not any too soon), the desk clerk asked if everything was OK with our stay. When I informed him that I had found and killed the bedbug, he just stated, "I am sorry about that"! He also him-ha

wed around when I asked if there had been any other reports even though I knew there had been through this website. I left our luggage in the garage when we returned home and immediately washed all of our clothes. I will be extremely upset if our home becomes infested with these insects and will know exactly who to blame.

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Stayed at this hotel on July 10-11, 2010. On August 20, 2010...we have bed bugs in our home. I cannot say for certain it was this hotel, but we haven't travelled since and the timing makes sense for when we started noticing bites in the past two weeks....which means the bug population had time to multiply enough to bite the family of 5 who typically sleep in the master bed together. We must've provided quite a feast for them!!!! ICK!

Anyhow...am actively cleaning EVERYTHING, did throw our

bed out (more for my own piece of mind) and threw out headboard. The headboard was fabric, which provided a really nice nesting ground for the bed bugs.

The only other place I believe these bedbugs could've originated from is TJ MAXX where I bought a comforter a couple of months ago. So...anyhow...check the beds before sleeping at this hotel....that's all!!!!

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Stayed in room 225 on April 17th and was waken by bed bugs crawling on us. Took a couple of them up to the front desk. Hopefully they did something about it since they never called us back.

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