Americas Best Value Inn
1885 Welcome Way
Monroe, MI 48162-9300

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Booked room at this motel for dec 24 and 25 of 2010. Checked mattrress for bed bugs and sprayed bug spray around edge of bed. Few minutes later a bedbug scurrys across bed sheets. Checked out afterwards and will not go back. Motel located across from truckstop.

february 22 2011, me and my kids were sitting on the bed when my oldest daughter said look mom there is a bug on the bed i got rid of it not thinking or knowing what it was until i read and seen them in a magazine now i know it was bed bugs this really disgust me to know that this hotel has bed bugs and grosses me out never again will me and my family or friends be staying here

This was probably 10 years ago. Not much to report. Pulled back the blankets and there they were all over the sheets. Yuck.

March 26 2010,

Business related trip ,I was working on night shift, woke up when I felt something crawling on my face, jumped out of bed to find half dozen or so bugs on sheets. Called the manager told her what was happening , she said they have never had any problems like this before . Maintenance guy she sent over to check wasn't to surprised to see the bugs, said yep it's bed bugs. They gave me a couple of trash bags and a spray for me to spray my clothing down with and quarters for the la

undry machines to wash my cloths, then said they would move me to another room. No thank you I checked out, manager refunded some of my money not all . So much for getting sleep.

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