Knights Inn Madison Heighs
26091 Dequindre Rd
Madison Heights, MI 48071

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My sister was staying at this Hotel and was a victim of bedbugs. She found them biting on her, then notice many of them, thousands under the mattress. She was moved to several rooms during the week and ALL the rooms had bed bugs! Worst of all when the front desk and the manager was shown the bedbugs they said the bugs where not bedbugs at first.We matched the bugs up with pics on the internet, it was bedbugs! Then the hotel changed the story to the bugs are not from them. So why all the room cha

nging? We had kids also and everybody was bitten everywhere on their bodies. Please stay away!

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Stayed there for two nights the first night I didn't really feel anything but later that day I was itching my chest and shoulder and thought I was having an allergic reaction to something little did I know... The second night I remember itching in the middle of the night but thought it was my rash but when I went to get up I see a frickin bug on my arm I grabbed it and put it in the cellophane of my cigs and saw it was a bed bug!!! I had sooooo many bites all over my chest, arms, stomach, back,

legs, ankles and my FACE!!! I immediately went to the front desk practically in tears and the girl working was like how do I know that's from here? I'm like really? Oh than she said that when I checked in I should have told them if I saw a bug... Really?? You don't think I would have had I seen any?? The only reason I caught it was bc I woke up when it was feeding on me!!! Room 207. Probably the whole place. Disgusting. And bc it happened on a Saturday the manager and "the boss" weren't there but the boss would be In at 1 so I called at 1:15 and he already left but him and the manager will both be in Monday morning to give me a refund so I called this morning and ask for the manager n the same girl said she will be in Monday morning... I'm like what?? It is Monday morning... She goes yeah not until next Monday. Okayyyy. Well when is the boss coming in.. He'll be here at 1. Okay so I drive all the way there get there at 12:45 and "he just left" really?? This place is a joke. Stay away!!!

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