Candlewood Suites East Lansing
3545 Forest Rd
Lansing, MI 48910

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We were there for the MSU/Oregon game the weekend of Sept 11,12 2015 and were in the lower floor (I think 227 but don't remember for sure). Within about 6 days I started having trouble with bites on my R wrist and arm that itched like CRAZY, and welts along my hairline that didn't itch. It flat out never crossed my MIND that it could be bedbugs but this went on until this past Monday...we'd be gone for a few days and they'd clear up, we'd get home and I'd be all "broken out" again. Thought it

was a contact dermatitis...til I moved my pillow Tues morning to make the bed and saw one crawling across the mattress. Tore the room up immediately and cleaned like a complete maniac, sprayed, laundered everything possible...still felt like we needed an exterminator as there were probably 20 of them on the back of the headboard when we moved the bed. So...$1450 for Terminex later we hopefully will have NO more problem with these little bastards! I feel like Typhoid Mary and frankly it makes me furious! I called Candlewood Suites and left a message for the manager...never heard a word back so that pretty much tells me what I need to know! NEVER, EVER stay here!!!!!!!!

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We booked several rooms at the Candlewood Suites for our August 2015 Wedding. For the past month, my son has had some "hives" on his skin. After two visits to the doctors, they were passed off as allergy related marks. But, I had my suspicions that it was something worse. My husband and I throughly checked both out bedroom and his and never came across anything. Until, we came back from Florida this past weekend, and both of our beds had bugs crawling across them. We were horrified. For the past

several days, we have been trying to figure our where they could have come from. After checking all the hotels we have visited on your website, low and behold, here was Candlewood Suites listed with a report just days after our stay! Not only am I disappointed with the hotel, I am not going to personally have to call everyone that stayed there for our Wedding weekend. How embarressing!!!

Here's hoping that they might take some responsibility for the problem!

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8/14/2015 My husband just returned from a 4 day stay at this hotel and is covered in bed bug bites. We have had to treat his luggage as we have found signs of bed bugs in there as well. He did report it to the front desk bug says they didn't seem too concerned.

HUGE bugs all over the room. They crawl all over the walls. I saw them in a few rooms, it didn't matter where I went! This was in 2006.

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