Super 8 Kalamazoo
618 Maple Hill Dr
Kalamazoo, MI 49009-1032

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sorry, I missed spelled, meant to say it was very clean

I was staying on the super 8 for couple off months because I was out town for business I was moved to a different room because I my ac went out my my surprise was that the room was infested by bed bugs I told the front desk and they got disgusted when they went to my room and seen i called the owner to resolve the problem and he said I was ignorant and he just kick me out that way I don't said anything and spread the word to the people this happen on July 8. 2013 don't stay please

On July 5 2013 me And a co worker got bit alive by bed bug we told the owner about it he just denied it ad told us it was any I never seen a hotel that dirty specially for being a super 8

stayed there 11-13-12 thru 11-15-12 have at least 100 bites found one on my pillow do not stay here.

I stayed at this hotel in the summer of 2010. I left the hotel at 3 am because I woke up and was being eaten alive by bed bugs. It was nasty. I spent the rest of the night in my car. In the morning I went and found another hotel so I could get cleaned up and get to my business meeting. Later that evening I went back to the Super 8 to let them know about the bugs and demand a refund. I was told that they could not give me a refund but would give me a discount on a room for a future stay if I want

ed. What a bunch of crap. I reported this place to the corporate office. Again they offered me a discount for any Super 8. I can honestly say that I will NEVER stay in another Super 8. I would rather sleep in my car. This place is just nasty and should be shut down. It's nice to know the corporate office is really concerned about keeping their customers.

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The hotel is filthy! Got there on August 27. Room smelled horrible. My son woke up with bed bugs bites all over him. We called the front desk, they didn't seem to upset. My reservation was for three days. I immediately packed up and told them to cancel. They gave me a 50 percent discount on the night I stayed. I called the 800 number and filed an official complaint. The hotel is disgusting and needs to be shut down!

Stayed at this motel 4/12 to 4/19. The morning of the 19th there was a huge cockroach on the bathroom floor, which wasnt surprising based on the filthy conditions of this motel anyway. I then noticed a bedbug up next to the pillow on the bed, so gross! I caught it and showed people to varify that it was a bedbug. I have a bitemark on my side thats really sore. I immediately reported this to the front desk and got a refund for 2 tryin to get the whole week refunded. This motel is very d

irty and infested with bedbugs, it needs to be shut down.

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