Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo Center
100 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI

Found 3 reports:

I have stayed here many times and have never had a problem or noticed any bugs in the room.

I stayed there a few times afterward. No sign of bed bugs, no bites. Everything nice and clean as it should be. Maybe you were bit by something else. I have no affiliation with this hotel. I am just a frequent traveler. I check thisvregistry always.

I stayed in this hotel October 10-12, 2010. I checked along matress cracks for evidence of bedbugs and found none. However, when I woke up the following morning I had two itchy lesions in a chain on my left arm that looked very much like the pictures I have seen of bedbug bites.

As I said- I could find no actual evidence of bedbugs or their droppings in this room, so I can not absolutely confirm that I was bitten. However, the lesions are certainly suspicious.

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